WELCOME TO Veritrust

Management Services And FIDUCIARY Company

  • Have you considererd setting up your own company in Switzerland?
  • Do you plan to establish a branch office in Switzerland?
  • Are you informed on all tax benefits of having your own company or branch office in Switzerland?
  • Do you know, that in Switzerland paid income tax is tax-deductible again?

VERITRUST looks forward in assisting and advising you in meeting following objectives:

  • reduce overall income tax with lowest tax rates in Switzerland
  • register your legal entity (AG, GmbH, Branch Office) meeting your strategy
  • increase net income by using the unmatched tax deductible allowances
  • maximise tax savings with tax-breaks granted under the various tax rulings (domiciled company, Holding privilege etc.)
  • avoid paying for double taxation in your country
  • reduce overhead costs by our representing you in the Board of Directors/Management
  • save on administrative costs using our pooling service functions e.g invoicing, accounting, debt collection, filing of Tax Returns, VAT, etc.

Business Advisory Services

Company Formation, Relocation Advisory, Relocation of Tax residence, etc.


Administration & Accounting

Financial Accounting, Payroll, Tax filings and reporting, etc.


Management Services

Mandate as Director, Managing Director or Shareholder etc.


Trust & Trustee Services

Advisory on anglo-saxon Trusts in Offshore Jurisdictions etc.


Tax Advisory Services

Advisory on corporate and personal taxation etc.


Audit & Forensic Advisory Services

Audit of legal entities and special audits etc.